Wednesday, July 01, 2009

God bless you!

I reached home last night with only a hundred rupee note in my purse. The rick guy didn’t have change, the shops around didn’t have change, anyone I asked on the road didn’t have change. A lady was waiting for a rick. She asked me how much I owed the guy, took out money from her purse, paid the rick guy, smiled, and went off.

Is there any wonder why every pore my being is always, always blessing this city?


omnithere said...

maybe it was a ghost, spirit ... :-O chudaiil ..

Mukta said...

with change? hmm...maybe her broomstick broke? but see, even ifthat were the case, it was a helpful witch. he he! all the more reason for gratitude!

swati said...

Its such a wonderful feeling while living in the cities of absurdities, where we never tire cursing it for its loss of sensitivity and emotions something, so awesome happens and we are left wondering is it really fit to curse the city and not count its blessings. We always wonder when the whole society is going wrong what change can we bring, so lets move in the same herd movement, but what a wonderful change a sweet gesture can really bring. Hats off!! to the wonderful fairy not only for the petty change but for the hefty change of heart.