Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soon enough, I hope

One of these days, the skies will be overcast and I will have nowhere to go and nothing to do. No-one will call, no-one will visit. There will be no plans, there will be no schedules. Nothing to keep up with, no-one to keep up for.

One of these days, clouds pregnant with such peace will shower down this earth. This swatch of hard, dried, caked earth that I see from my pink room. There will be the rain and there will be me, lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I will think nothing, I will feel little. My eyes will close and I will drift off. To an inexperienced eye, I will be asleep. To one who knows, I will be watching.


Anonymous said...

i ll be free! i ll call, i ll come. we will eat butter cookies, scones, spicy chats with coffee and watch the rain.
- anumita

Mukta said...

if u gonna be free, lets go somewhere...goa? come no...