Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am so angry I could explode! Today is literally the very worst day to control my temper. I mean, if there is a God, He's pretty stupid. A dumb-ass, shit-faced hole in the gaping ozone, all fatted up in his own blooming self-importance. Idiot! See, the best way to get back at a lazy, half-brained twit of supreme consciousness is not to disbelieve it, but to believe in its abundant, perfect capacity to dish out moronic platitudes to unsuspecting people.

Anyway, I have been fuming so much since the last one hour that, unknowingly, I was digging my nails deep into my palm. And guess what? Now it's started bleeding (well, not bleeding exactly, but a little blood has been spotted.) Although I must say that the angry, little crescent moon wound does look pretty. Like something one would probably spot when one is sailing away on a yacht under a serene, black sky. And suddenly out of nowhere, you come to this spot in the ocean where you can see copper junipers on both sides. And haltingly, the clouds part ways to reveal a sweet, little red crescent. You reach out to pluck the moon from the sky - like a souvenir. The moon singes your skin when you grasp it, but you now have it forever.

Hmm, I suppose my day could still turn better. But it's so much harder to control one's anger without a yacht.


coolantz said...

1.go over to Mocha.
2.have a shake. (preferably, something fruit based)

Works ... always

Lonely sky over the sea..... said...

Hey what happened sooo much of anger!!!!!!!!

omnithere said...

** hugs **