Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wisdom at 300

This is my 300th post. I thought that it is perhaps high time to allude, at least now, to something greater than myself and bigger than my mind.

This beautiful piece is verse 80 of Lao Tze's Tao De Jing:

Let your community be small, with only a few people;
Keep tools in abundance, but do not depend upon them;
Appreciate your life and be content with your home;
Sail boats and ride horses, but don't go too far;
Keep weapons and armour, but do not employ them;
Let everyone read and write,
Eat well and make beautiful things.

Live peacefully and delight in your own society;
Dwell within cock-crow of your neighbours,
But maintain your independence from them.

Here's the link to the complete Tao De Jing: http://www.chinapage.com/gnl.html


April Born said...

Lacks adventure, this Lao Tze, if he says: "Sail boats and ride horses, but don't go too far;"

One would doubt if he and Marco Polo, Columbus or Magellan would have hit it off well together.

Neha said...

oh dear april born,

the best of advice is ambiguous, dont you see he says 'too far'; who is to say fow far is 'too far' for whom.

and then i am sure he would have asked marco polo, why do you go so far what is it that you will find there that you wouldn't find here.

guess somebody else would have said - because it is there.

i tell you these ambiguous advices! ;)

neha said...

the word verification is -


to move x

ummm, what do you guys say to that!