Sunday, September 30, 2007

My silver ballet flats

I bought a pair of ballet flats
They glitter with silver sequins
I would have preferred the nude peep-toes
But they look better on those mannequins

These ballet flats look metallic
In the bright white light of the mall
These ballet flats look like elfin treats
Used to pirouette down waterfalls

I watched with daze and wonder
As they got wrapped in some sheath,
These flats with merry twinkles
And those desires that lie beneath

These ballet flats, in some strange way,
Remind me of those days
When glory was public speaking
And matching a teacher’s gaze

These ballet flats are childish
In their sweet, silver glean,
They tempt with their gullible pull
Of dances in realms of dreams

I didn’t buy these flats as a fashionista
They aren’t shoedom’s Holy Grail,
They are just the way, I would, as a child,
Trap the moon in water in a pail.


suparna said...

this reminded me of a favourite -

Mukta said...

Hi Suparna,

That IS a lovely poem! Thanks for the link. Oh, by the way, I came across a book of poems by Ted Hughes yesterday at a bookshop. :-)

the mad momma said...

oh how lovely. funny thing. I bought a pair of flat silver ballerinas too. Now this is how I am going to think of mine!