Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dial '100'....for what?

Around 10 minutes back, a guy dressed in police uniform came up to my door and knocked.

When I opened the door, he thrust a register in my face and asked me to sign. The register had two columns – one for the name, and one for the amount. So, obviously, there was some ruse to garner donation for 15th August.

I asked him for ID. In response, he showed me a cheesy Polaroid photograph of him hoisting a flag and some kids in the background,

Bacchon ke liye (for the children)’, he said.

So, here was a guy impersonating the police and asking for money. Clearly an offence.

I politely told him that I won’t give the money. He said, ‘Okay’ and went away.

But considering how critically such an incident jeopardizes safety, I called up ‘100’.

The phone rang for 10 minutes and no one picked up.

I called up a second time.

This time, someone picked up the phone and I told him what had happened.

He then had the cheek to tell me that I should call up Vashi police station instead and tell them.

Why?, I asked.

Because the call had apparently gone to the ‘Belapur’ police station.

Then I sounded him off pretty good. Maybe I was a little unclear about the facts, but I thought that citizens are prompted to dial 100 because it is a centralized call receiving system. Based on details of the complaint, the person taking the complaint then informs the required authorities to take action; instead of doling out phone numbers of the ‘correct’ police station.

So, he tells me that ‘Fine, I will call up the Vashi police station.’ Huge favor!

I want to complain to a higher authority now. If someone has an idea how to go about it, please let me know.

Calling ‘100’ is what we are all taught to do when we are in danger or we encounter anything illegal. It is most distressful when you have to be at the receiving end of blasé, ignorant attitude.

In any case, if anyone in Vashi is reading this, please be careful if a cop comes knocking at your door and asks you to sign a register.

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Nonentity said...

just call up vashi PS na ...

like the passport procedure. everyone knows that you NEED to pay the police guys to get your papers processed. veer didn't. it took a good 6 months (not sure tho exactly how many months) for him to get his passport. i am still waiting after 2 months. forget 100.