Friday, August 10, 2007

Bagel Point

The other day, I met Jaygee at ‘Just Around the Corner’ and I was horribly late. Tardiness was due to my speed of driving (seldom shifting to fourth gear – and this being Mumbai, who notices that, right?) and the traffic at Sion (the new Andheri for heavy vehicles). I reached 70 minutes past the appointed time. She was waiting patiently, buried in a book.

Later, after I’d munched on an interesting egg, mushroom and olive sandwich, we had had enough of the intense, chatty, bright and colorful postered environment. So, I asked Jaygee where we could go. As usual, she suggested a new place. And as usual, it was an excellent little spot.

Bagel Point is a little off the Zigzag road, where you roll down towards Carter Road. It is so shack-y, bit-sized, and cute. The scooped wicker sofas, interestingly tiled walls, and a large rocking chair reminded me of those cubbyholes Enid Blyton wrote about. The best part was that this place was in Bandra, and yet, not teeming with people. That was really noteworthy and in a very pleasant way.

So, we ordered a couple of bagels with cream cheese. I believe Jaygee had a poppy-baked one with herbed cream cheese, while mine was a cinnamon and raisin bagel with natural cream cheese. I really liked mine (cinnamon and raisin is my favorite combination in sweet, baked stuff), although the cream cheese didn’t go very well with it. And then we washed it down with cappuccino and a very fragrant mint tea.

The joint is cheery, but ‘hush’; as in, it’s not Archie-comic type vibrant, but it is a really fun place. Great place to get a book and read, and maybe stroll down to Carter Road to break the monotony.

I’m looking forward to trying my cinnamon bagel without the cream cheese now. Jaygee, let’s go there again.


Nonentity said...

wow! take me there when i am b'bay next? :)

Mukta said...


jaygee said...

:) Twas ok I thought.. but yes the bagels have loads of potential. any time babe.. in fact next times lets just bag them and eat them by the sea side?

Mukta said...

hey jaygee.

yes yes! lets do that! excellent idea!

Anonymous said...


I live in bandra but dont know too many treasured spots yet... would you suggest some other nice, not so crowded (asking for too much ?) coffee shops ?


Mukta said...

Hi Keya,

Sorry, re..I dunno..although I used to really like the CCD and Barista at Bandstand. Also, I saw something new near Independence Cafe on Hill Road. Its called the 'French Bistro', I think.

One of my fave places, also, is Red Box Cafe.

Umm...what else? There could be some nice places near Lilavati, you know. The Barista opposite National College is shut now.

I quite liked the cafe at Globus. They had a pretty nice carrot cake, once upon a time.

That's about it. Will let you know more if I come across any. If you come across any too, let me know.