Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ask a question...

A few days ago, when I was in Pune, I got an e-mail asking me if I would like to get interviewed about my blog. Since no-one has ever asked me about blogging, writing, etc., I was mighty pleased and I agreed. I had to submit the interview online and the interview has been published here:

I have been wanting to write about writing for a while now, but haven't got around to doing it because of abysmal discipline. But someday, when the idea calls and the words evolve....

My responses in the interview are as I had typed them without proofreading, and they have been published - warts and all. Sweet justice for a careless writer.

On another note, here is something I overheard in the bus while traveling from Andheri to Bandra:

Woman to co-passenger: Mujhe Bandra Talaab ke pass utar na hain. (I need to get down near the Bandra pond.)

Co-passenger: Aapko talaab khidki se dikh jayega. (You will be able to see the pond from the window.)

Woman: Idhar khadde mein itna paani hain...pata nahin chalega taalab kaunsa hai. (Here, there are so many potholes that are filled with's difficult to make out which one is the pond.)

I helpfully told the lady that the pond was the very last stop.


Altoid said...

Heh, very nice interview. Loved your retort for their question "why should we subscribe to your blog".

As always, deliciously different.

Jay Sun said...

Congratulations on the interview :) ...also liked the hot buttered toast sprinkled with sugar idea :)