Monday, September 03, 2007

When once upon a time is not so long ago

It’s a long way back to innocence
From this pavilion of fear
It’s a long time since pretense
Of happiness was so dear.

It’s a long time since a summer nap
Was snatched inside a class
It’s a long time since a season’s snaps
Were believed to linger and to last.

Two layers of pebbles in a bell jar
Make a reed a poetic symbol
Two drops of blood on a thumb
Make a Judas of a thimble.

Forlorn words and tragic smiles
Thread together in a verse -
Lyrics of a twilight song
Rotten pennies in a purse.

There’s beauty in a canvas of splotches
Or a bowl of wild grass grown
Or a life of dripping hopes
And mistakes that were one’s own.


Altoid said...

How many times can I keep saying wonderful? Fluid, crisp- just like a martini-just what was needed for this hot summer afternoon :).

Rajesh said...

Utter crap.
Get a life, you and this yes-man of yours altoid.

Nonentity said...


Anonymous said...

Ugh...this sucks. What happened to baby making plans as previous post?
- Neeti

anumita said...

So well crafted... loved this. Meeting for lunch on sat 12.30. S must have told you.