Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today, I waited for Jaygee at Barista, Bandstand. From my table, I could see a precise, sharp cut-out of grey-blue cloud against which the skyline seemed etched, as if with a fountain pen. A frolicking mass of waves jumped around. Several couples held hands and scampered towards the rocks.

There was wispy drizzle and a cool wind.

A stranger, next to my table, sipped his latte while scribbling in a bright orange notebook.

For no reason, other than probably to share sudden wee good fortune in a large, large city, he looked my way and said, ‘It’s beautiful today.’

Yes’, I replied.

He went back to writing. I went back to waiting.


Anonymous said...

Send me ur resd number/cell numbe u r using currntly on gmail acct.

I will be in India on 5th Aug till 14th


shub said...

It's exactly that sort of day here. And it's raining. Makes me wanna go sit at a cafe with a book and a mug of coffee. Except, I'm at work.
Hope all's well there.

Jay Sun said...

Hope things are working out for you... :)

the mad momma said...

Iam sure Jeygee with her calming presence came soon and helped

anish said...

like a movie scene :)