Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Last two were rough.

Came across a video on Facebook where a girl who has escaped from North Korea is telling us about the life there.It is an international convention of some sort. She says that while they were crossing the Mongol border, ready to die if need be but escape North Korea nevertheless, they were stopped by Chinese guards. This girl saw her mother raped. People clapped.

A long, long time ago, I had seen a video of Bipasha Basu in the US. She was there at some Independence Day function organized by an NRI community there. She took the mike and said that on the way to the function, a group of the organizers had molested her and had behaved really badly with her. She was on the podium with a mike. She was wearing a white salwaar kameez. It was Independence Day. In the US. She had a mike. She was on the mike saying all this. People around her clicked pictures and were cheering her. It came to a point where someone in the group told her something and she qualified her statement saying that she did not think that all NRIs were like that but a few were. She had a mike. They were clapping.

I finished reading Milan Kundera's 'Identity'. It's the first Kundera, I read. Liked it. It is excruciatingly slow, soft, and sad. You sense the decay of the couples' relationship he is writing about.

The boy - that producer's son. What will he grow up thinking of his mother - the one his father has blamed in his suicide note? He wrote a post. On killing himself. They liked it.

I ate lychees yesterday.

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