Thursday, May 18, 2017

102: It was such a day that from the furnace of all that was difficult, I will pick out the flowers.

I had a fun conversation with my friend, J. It was about work but it felt so good just connecting with her - looking forward to the time when she comes to Pune and if she has her way, we'll look for a place to live in KP. It will be so nice!

I went to check out two homes in Pune, where I will be moving to. One is a friend's home. Humble, slightly darkly lit, almost unfurnished, kitchen is hardly set up, no curtain rods. It may be nice to go really simple for a while. Also, I would be living with a boy. That, erm, will be a change of pace.

The other home has three other girls living there with a HUGE terrace. And by huge, I mean HUGE! It got my attention and my fancy. Had a lovely chat with the main girl who put up the post. It was nice. I like living around girls. One of them seemed grouchy and if I shift there, I think she and I will be the one that will have the most in common together. But man, that terrace!

On the way to the first home, I passed by a little lane where the flowers were pretty and purple! And so purple! The petals just seemed to be filled with all colors wanting to be purple! They were purple like existence and they were purple like aspiration.

My heart felt very heavy. So I went to Peter Donuts for a hazelnut coffee, which I love! Hazelnut cappuccino is my coffee equivalent of khichdi. Very feel-good.

I went to Crossword where I bought the book on the sub-conscious mind by Joseph Murphy. A friend really recommended it highly. I went to the Crossword in Aundh where the greatest mysteries are usually written on the faces of the assistants when you ask them where to get a particular book. This time was no different. I thought they were out of it. But then, a huge carton was unpacked filled with this title! It's some marketing if you get the universe to conspire! :-)

What other things are nice?

Had really tasty poha and tea for dinner.

Had a very nice, chilled glass of pomegranate juice.

Read a status update where a friend's brother is going on a pilgrimage with his wife. Felt really peaceful when I read that.

Parents are safe. Spoke with them.

Fit into a skirt comfortably that was tight some months ago.

Feels like the story will change.

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Manish Kori said...

My heart felt very heavy. So I went to Peter Donuts...hahaha