Wednesday, December 21, 2016

206, 205

Today was a good day. Had gone for a swell bike ride yesterday and came back home to some wine and veggie cutlets.

This morning, went to an office for some work. Then returned to a great lunch with a friend. We went to a place called 'Urban Foundry' close by and it was so nice! I loved their masala omlette and their watermelon and feta cheese salad. It was a great afternoon. My friend and I spent a couple of hours and when we stepped out, it was early evening. The light was gorgeous and my friend took me to show his new home. It was right on the other side of Pune - and one could see pretty, pale, grey hills along the way.

Came back home and slept off a little bit.

Felt full. A little sad. A little empty. And so ready for the gentle passing on of the year.

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