Thursday, November 17, 2016


Running happened.

As did some work, some pitching, some follow-ups.

I was just so tired to be at home the last few days. So went to the Starbucks near my house for some coffee and book time. Read a few pages of Cal Newport's 'Deep Work' which is so lush that I want to eat it up. Anyway, I think I will need to read a few pages every day because I feel I need to really focus on work now. More than work, I really need to figure out a way to get on top of time schedules. If anyone has any recommendations, please share.

Now that I write every day, there is an area that keeps resurfacing - one that I think I need to understand and change. I think I dwell too much. If something is not going my way or if something is not happening as quickly as I want it to happen, I cannot bring my attention to the task at hand. I never really figured it to be as much a problem before. But I see it as one now. I think I need to really work on detaching from outcomes and simply going on about the work at hand. Otherwise, I think a lot of energy gets knotted in the head and that in turn eats up into the time.

It's almost morning now. I have a very strong cup of coffee and will begin my work in a little bit.

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