Thursday, November 17, 2016


Quick note today because I have loads to finish and I'm not getting enough sleep.

Anyway, the more I work from home in crumpled, flimsy tees and tracks, the more my mother feels I need fancy clothes. She bought me a really pretty black skater dress, knee-length with netted sleeves and a dainty belt. It's really pretty, falls quite nicely too, skims the hips (although I am glad I've taken up running) and has a dainty belt. There's a slightly embellished cowl neck with some bead work so even though, it's just a plain black number, it looks dressy.

Of course, I have nowhere to wear it to. But it hangs in my cupboard amongst my other tees that have tiny, customized holes around the armpits.

Mum also bought me another lycra crop top which she said I could wear as a saree blouse. (Also, my sweet mum sometimes forgets her daughter's lifestyle. Even on days when I went out to two clubs a night or three restaurants and five cafes over weekends, I never wore sarees. To wear one now that I make extensive trips from the bed to my computer - is rather hard to imagine.) But I have to's a really good looking top. It's well, short, with incut sleeves and it has a sprinkling of some starry sequins around the neck and seams. I was thinking of wearing it with a dull gold skirt I have to a party I am only imagining in my head. Or a really sheer, plain black saree with silver heels. (I don't have those shoes and I don't have that saree. What I have, instead, is a place in my cupboard where this top lays folded above a cheap, grey skirt.

Anyway good clothes and an exercise habit that should hopefully make me look good in them.

Waiting for PAH-TAY!

Will make black coffee now and get to work.

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