Friday, November 25, 2016


I think what is required to succeed is to have very strong emotional discipline. One must very fastidiously avoid thinking about the outcome. I think that is fundamental. If I have to break down what emotional discipline means (to me, at least), it means displaying the following behavioral traits:

1. Not thinking about the outcome of a project with any degree of attachment. I mean one has to think about the outcome to plan for time and budget. But no attachment.

2. I think allow for some dedicated time in a day to feel disappointed or weary and get it out of the way. Otherwise, I notice that it is hard to concentrate on the other tasks.

3. To have some kind of a routine that one must follow stubbornly. No matter what. For me, it is writing this blog. Now I have decided that no matter how much other writing work I get done or not or what else I work on, I will write a little bit here every day. It does not make me happy. But it makes me feel a little strong and purposeful. I feel like I could tend to my turf in the face of some quiet and incessant storm wreaked by time and heart. Both savage and beautiful.

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