Saturday, November 26, 2016


4:25 a.m.

Things that happened yesterday, real quick:

1 Went for a shaadi. Was dressed in all white. My mom's 40 year old sari in white chiffon with very pretty paisley print in glitter. Wore her white brocade blouse from years ago and a pairr of long silver danglers I bought from the street a few days ago. It was fun dressing up and heading out.

2. Really like chocos nowadays.

3. Ate a bowl of Maggi with kadhi-pakoda. It was spicy and really hot so I liked it. But overall, I wouldn't recommend it.

4. Watching Friends all over again. It is so comforting. Especially Monica and Chandler. It is interesting that who I had started loving from the group (Rachel and Phoebe), those characters didn't stay with me. Bu Monica and Chandler - somehow those two have a sweeter, kinder disposition that comes from having seen hard times. I'll write about my favorite episodes some other day.

5. Am listening to this song:

Really liking it.

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