Monday, June 20, 2016

357, 356, 355: First Impressions: Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab seems to have 89 disclaimers, one for each cut that was allowed to remain in the film. (The disclaimer in the beginning says something really funny and ambivalent like 'We're not saying Punjab is the only place with drug is the highway to the drugs reaching Maharashtra, Goa, and other places.') Kareena's character is...umm...somehow very Talaash-like. She's taking the story forward but one doesn't know where she's come from...what's her reason...And every film from the Kashyap stable, I suppose, has to pay some kind of homage to Tarantino or whoever they watch - with violence set to music and blood-soaked concrete and the humdrum human nature in which everyone turns base and corrupt within 15 seconds of meeting one another. The film has some very good actors acting very, very well. (Alia Bhatt is pure soul. And I really liked that Inspector.) But...overall, I found it strictly okay. (The guy next to me snored after the first hour so I'm not saying the movie is slow...but get your coffee to take you through all those scenes that don't have Alia or the Inspector.)


Anonymous said...

Do not mention him as "Inspector". His name is Diljit. He is too big star in Punjab

mukta raut said...

yes. a friend of mine told me about him. He's a singer, right? I saw a video, "Truck." :-)