Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Stuff that made yesterday a nice day:

1. The rickshaw rides to and from Koregaon Park. On both counts, it was really easy to get auto-rickshaws and it felt so good to simply sit in, not drive, and look out at the world go by or stay stranded in traffic.

2. Bought three pairs of ear-rings from a street hawker on Kregaon Park. One is a kind-of-mother of pearl ear-rings (very fake of course since it was for fifty rupees only). Another one is a basic, simple hoops. The third one, that I like, is a totally out there pair of chrome-shiny owl. I love that! I tried it on at home and given my short hairstyle, etc., it looked really dramatic. But I want to wear it to work some day. So I'll probably have to hunt for some very plain, dark clothes so as not to given an impression to my office colleagues that I'm going to Broadway - to star in a show!

3. Went to French Creperie again! I love that place. I love it! I had a warm tuna salad with some boiled eggs that was delicious! The proprietor is so sweet! They were playing French songs and the proprietor was singing out loud as he flipped his crepes. A happy cook is such a joy to watch!

4. Last night, I was waiting at the Veritas signal on Baner to cross the road. (I was walking back from Aundh at that point.) A lady was driving by. She waved at me and asked me if I wanted a lift. I declined because summer nights are great to walk in. It was very sweet of her though.

5. Slept really well last night. Not too much. But really well.

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