Friday, May 06, 2016


Had heard this on Bandstand long ago - over ten years ago. Some guy was telling it to his girl who seemed to clutch some letter or something very hard; tears streamed down her face. They were both so, so young. That girl so broken. That boy so wise.

Just like that I found that verse on the net:

Takdeer ke khel se kabhi mayus nahi hote
Zindagi mein ese kabhi bebas nahi hote
Hathon ki lakiron par kabi yakin mat karna kyun ki
takdeer unki bhi hoti hai jinke haath nahi hote

(I feel all cities have their own special essence - something that comes derived from whatever it's main significant kernel is. Growing up in Bombay, in Bandra - it felt like a lot of Bombay's kernel was shaped by films. For so many reasons, such as this - I feel Bombay is a special city. Somehow I always got the feeling that destiny can just be dismantled and set up again and again and again. As long as the story continues. As long as it's not yet time to pack up.)

(Love this verse. Here's the translation:

Do not be disheartened by the caprice of fortune
You don't need to feel this helpless in life
Don't accept those lines in your hand as immutable fate or destiny
Because such fate or destiny exists even for those with no hands)

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