Monday, May 16, 2016

385, 384, 383, 382, 381, 380

Some good stuff that has happened so far:

1. I love and relish this article:

Do read it to see how company culture can change by rounding off the edges in interactions, being more appreciative, and building a foundation on deep love instead of iron will.

2. My back-ache has reduced somewhat.

3. Landlord has finally started painting the house. Today's the first day. I'll be staying in the house as it is getting painted. So, looking forward to the experience.

4. Worked on a really nice project.

5. The peach-colored hibiscus blooms.

6. We've had a couple of gorgeous, cloudy days in Pune.

All in all, good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

How is 'The Name of the Rose' coming along?