Thursday, March 03, 2016

One day was like this

Had headed to Parel in the afternoon...dappled sunshine and a lovely tree and an old building with many flats. 'Teeming', I believe the word is.
The sun is doing an 'ice-cube in hot water' routine. And that bus you see is a double-decker one. I loved those.

Ooh! This is when we got to Aer - the club on the 34th flor. This is my city with its spine of light.

Aer has two parts. One side has the view of Marine Drive, which is a prettier place to sit. But it was crowded. So we sat on the other side but I went by to take a few pictures.
Large and glitzy through the window.
That bright shiny thing on the side is the moon.

All that sky we're busy scraping
There's just one kind of a light where the machines will look beautiful!

Amidst all that sky and those pretty little light, a structure choked with teensy cubes where lives are being lived out and worked through.

Black and yellow cabs and the Mumbai myth

Black and yellow cabs and the streets they take you through

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