Wednesday, December 02, 2015

524: Lifetimes

At work, there's a new girl who sits next to me. She somehow regards me as more capable than I am so today she asked me a banking related question. And banks, for all I know and care, could be like mauve piglets frolicking on the moon. But it turned out that I did know the answer to her question so I might be finally growing up and becoming worldly. 

Then she asked me to play a game. We both gave each other 5 words and/ or phrases and we had to write something about it. These are the words she had given me: Lake, A sky full of myriad stars, Tentative, Serendipity, Summer night

What I wrote

It had been a lifetime
Of give and take
Of sipping serendipities
From the frozen lake

That’s how he was
How he wanted to live
Waltzing between certainty
And things tentative

We’d shared so many love stories
Like myriad stars that flock the sky
The story we share now had begun
On a summer night when he’d wondered ‘why’

Why we met as strangers
Around a frozen lake
Yet became each others’ destinies

With a lifetime of give and take

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