Tuesday, December 08, 2015

521, 520, 519

Saturday night I slept next to my mom, very acutely aware of her breathing. I tried to sleep with a whole lot of nonchalance because I know that when I get anxious or agitated, it can really affect someone next to me. But I was listening to every inhale and every exhale very very keenly. Somewhere scared that it may stop.

Early in the morning, though, Ma was very unwell again and she vomitted. But then she slept really peacefully. The fever broke and it seemed to be better the next day.

Yesterday I returned to Pune and visited a pal. She has a really sweet labrador pup called Eli. I played with him a little bit. Actually not so much played as petted him while he scarfed down his food. Then just as it was time for me to leave, he came by with something grey and scruffy. I was told that it's his toy and he brings it out when he wants you to play with him.

So those were the last three days.


Anonymous said...

You know what Mukta many times I felt you are very courageous. Today its was once again.

mukta raut said...

hey thanks!