Monday, November 09, 2015


This is all a little bit funky. I don't know why I am feeling so distracted and overwhelmed and upset and weepy today when yesterday it was a little bit fine and it is all just so horrible. When does this exactly get easier? When does the stomach stop churning and when does the heart relax no matter what is happening all around? My phone is out of charge. I feel so scattered that I can barely manage to work. My parents are away and home seems to be on another planet. And I don't even have a kandeel tonight. The list of why I should be at home and sobbing is endless. Anyway, let's try to change things around a little bit:

1.) I had an idea to write a story. Which I will write now.

2.) I had some really nice food today from the canteen.

3.) A colleague treated me to a really tasty meal at McDonald's. I tried there paneer squares and the french fries with the piri-piri masala for the first time. It was gorgeous!

4.) I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Big Magic'. It is really well-written. I suggest you get it.

5.) I think I will wear my new blue dress from Zara tomorrow. That should be nice.

6.) My office looks so pretty with all the nice, sparkling twinkling lights.

7.) Some clarity on what needs to be done with respect to the next block of work that I will begin to tackle at midnight.

8.) Somewhere out there someone's love story is unfolding. A poem is being written or recited. Or a song is being sung or created. Or people are freefalling and feeling safe. Just to think that such things happen in a world with beef ban and visa regulations - it's enchanting.

The enchantment is the wealth. And it's Dhanteras today. May the goddess Lakshmi make us feel full. Really, happily, crazily, brilliantly, buoyantly full.


mona said...

Happy Diwali Mukta!

mukta raut said...

a very happy diwali to you too!