Thursday, November 19, 2015

535, 534

1. Does it ever get easier? Maybe, maybe not. All my plants are dying. There had been a sweet personal development and now that is in a soup of uncertainty. Memories of those dark days come by and wave hello from time to time. And did I mention that all my plants are dying?

2. Tough project. Tougher clients. This will be hard.

3. But, and it is a huge BUT, I reconnected with J. After a really long time, I called her up in panic and despair and she woke up and soothed me. J is in Delhi now and is a hypnotherapist and sound healer. And on the phone she helped me calm down. It's freaky how she did it. She mentioned that my root chakra is off and one indication of that is my plants dying suddenly. Then she guided me through meditation. It was so peaceful - it felt like wading in a cool lake after an arduous walk on a bumpy road. I had always known this about J - ever since we'd met in Pune - that she was a natural healer. She is kind and patient and funny. Also, many times annoying...but often the best kind of listener. I hadn't met her for a while or connected with her for some time. But this time when I spoke to her, even through my rather distraught state, I sensed her evolution. It was so velvety and durable. If anyone's looking for a healer in Delhi, look up J. Not because she's my friend. But because she's a natural. And kind. And kindness, I have come to realize, is my favorite type of perfection.

4. There are just so many ways to improve one's life. I tried affirmations which worked for the area I was hoping for. That now is also presenting challenges but that's okay. I think it's fair to say that one does get what one wants. But then handling what one has asked for may be challenging. Because I feel when one asks for something, one will get it. So now I intend to make myself stronger internally. J recommended that I do chakra meditation everyday, take deep breaths and voluntarily, consciously, just.let.go. So, now, that's the plan.

Edited to add: J's email is:; number: 08826150876


mona said...

Sweet development?
Hmmm.... Looks like love is in the air
:) :)
Wish you a sweet weekend.

Anonymous said...

Adele - When We Were Young (Live at The Church Studios)

mukta raut said...

mona - I wish. hopefully soon.

anon - thank you!