Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The role of relationships

I am taking a deep breath now. Somewhere is a tight knot in my stomach that has chosen to resurface after it was unspooled after a lot of tender talk. But something is dogged about holding on to slights.

Anyway, relationships are hard. You may think that you could have all the answers. You may think the territory starts making sense, the boundaries have been explained and understood - that's when the trouble starts. When the basics are brought up and shown to be floundering, when traces of unforgiveness start getting redder and more alarming...it doesn't matter what the relationship is or how old...what matters is that parts of it will not go as per plan and to be okay with it.

What do you trust then? When your own heart and judgment has shut shop?

I guess you exhale and breathe your turn.

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