Wednesday, May 13, 2015

691, 690, 689

I think of this movie I'd seen in Chicago a year ago. It looked like one of those indie films with a grainy quality that is usually associated with high art, low budget and/ or porn.

Anyway, the film begins with a group of obese people who are part of a support group for 'Fat Pride'. They are in the middle of some slogan shouting about reclaiming their own beauty and dignity. Some time later, in walks a rail-thin girl who introduces herself and says that she wants to join the group. Everybody looks at her with contempt and disgust. They are very hostile. One woman, with hatred dripping like acid from her eyes, asks her, "You're thin. Maybe you're anorexic but do you see all of us? How do you think we'd feel if you come, sit with us?"

Someone else tried to help her out by pointing her to the anorexia-bulimia support group. But she said that the reason she wanted to be part of the obese group because she saw herself as obese. Her weight, the size of her clothes-all of them made her feel obese. But the people in that group shoo-ed her away.

I didn't watch the whole film. But it was an interesting take on the spin of fitting in with misfits. Even then one could be shut out.

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