Tuesday, January 20, 2015

779 - Completing three years in Pune

Today I complete three years in Pune. It was a good decision, to move out of Bombay. I wanted an experience that was new, fresh, and expansive. Three years in Pune has not been easy. In fact, it has been far tougher than in anyother place I've stayed. Well, the other cities have been Bombay and Delhi. But then I stayed in three different places in Bombay. So in a sense I've been around.

I was in Pune when I had decided to marry. Last year, I was in Pune when I got divorced. So much has happened but in some sense, things have come a full circle. I have learnt a lot here. Having my own house, having the experience of walking to work, of having a hill close by to walk to, learning yoga, slicing a kiwi for the first time, sitting in the balcony with a steaming cup of tea with nothing but sunshine, birds, and treetops for company...yes, it has been good.

Three years in Pune. If the experience had a shape, it would be lots of colourful dots arranged in a circle with the loop not completely closed.

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