Tuesday, January 27, 2015

777, 776, 775, 774, 773

A quick round-up of what all has been happening:

After making a pronouncement that I will only read fiction and not non-fiction, a colleague at work recommended Sheryl Richardon's 'Lean In'. I downloaded the book and started on it. It seems very compelling. Compelling enough to put aside Norwegian Wood by Murakami. So I have eaten my words.

I love the Pocket app. You can save a webpage onto that and then access it anywhere, even when there is no Internet connection.

I also love Pinterest. There is some really beautiful stuff out there. My favorites are the quirky messages that are put up in funky fonts.

A friend and her family had come over the weekend. Although I worked a little bit over the weekend, it was really fun being with her twin little girls. Watching children play is so soothing. A little like watching fish in an aquarium.

Situation with cook is getting a little bothersome. Today she chopped up pears along with the sticker.

Went to Euriska at KP with my friend and her family. It's a really swish place and they say that they serve Greek food but they don't. Much of the stuff has the Italian tomato sauce on it. My pals were disappointed with their Gyros and Stuffed Bell peppers. I liked my four mushroom soup and souvlaki.

All in all, much good has been going on.

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