Wednesday, November 05, 2014

848, 847, 846, 845 - a wedding, some friends, low energy and a trip to Nariman Point

I attended a close friend's wedding this Monday. Had travelled to Bangalore for this. This friend, I'll call her L, because that's not her initials at all...anyway, L really has been one of the most affectionate people in my life. She has been tempestuous and fiery and in all manners irritatingly opinionated but...I don't know. I had been friends with her unguarded. I remember us watching crappy films at Cinemax or Gaiety Galaxy towards the end f the month - when I'd be rank broke. And she'd stuff money in my purse so that I could rick it back home instead of take a bus. It annoyed me of course that she would assume that I'd be short of cash...but later, when I started observing how antiseptic relationships can become, I realize what a big thing that was.

I shared palak khichdi with her at the swankiest pubs in Juhu like it was the most normal thing in the world. We had ricked almost half-way across the city to have hazelnut cappuccino when it was the new thing in town.We had gone to Goa and had major tiffs with her threatening to leave for home earlier tan scheduled but deciding to stay back because she really liked a hotel that we later shifted into.

Anyway, after the wedding was over, I realized just how much I would miss her. It's not often you find someone you can really really argue with and know that they'll always be around and will always wish the best for you.

I was supposed to stay back in Bangalore for a few days but my friend's bidaai and all the crazy work that I had done over the last few weeks just caught up and I needed to be home. Home with Ma. Home where I could just come and sleep and not have to make conversation or fill up water or fold clothes or feel the need to work. I came home. Bought a rather expensive last minute ticket to Bombay and came home where I hugged Ma, came up to my room and slept for nearly 30 hours straight. When I woke up, I ate a hot meal and Ma treated me to a movie at Nariman Point.

November feels like a strange kind of transition month. But it also feels that there will be enough t get by.