Thursday, November 13, 2014

839, 838

Quickly then.

Got back to Pune. Felt strange at first but after making the first cup of coffee at midnight, felt at home. Things with maids was still tense so today, I let go of both of them. This anxious wait in the morning for when they will turn up just was getting to me. For a bit, they looked surprised and then, they looked relieved. I felt bad. No-one should have to do the job they don't feel like doing. That I let them go on the same day that I was joining back work after a longish leave is maybe an irony or metaphor or some other appropriate part of speech. Anyway, now until I find someone else, all of the housework is left to me. Housework and cooking. Last night, I'd made daal and it was appreciated by a friend. Said friend was also very hungry but I think the food part I can manage. It's the washing dishes and washing clothes that will be tough.

But never mind. Something will work out. The first step is to stop putting up with things that don't work. 

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