Sunday, November 16, 2014


A quiet day.

Woke up late because I had a few bad dreams last night. It must be the effect of reading Stephen King's 'Dr. Sleep'. My neighbour mentioned that I've lost weight and asked me what I'm doing. I joked and mentioned that I am eating the food that I cook. I thought that was that but then later in the day, she asked me if I could make a little extra for her. Made me feel a little sad yet thoughts of a potential business opportunity bubbled.

Went to Bounty's at Kalyani Nagar with a friend. He wanted to try sizzlers and that was where I'd had the tastiest sizzlers in Pune. Personally, I preferred it to 'The Place' on MG Road or E-Street. I just had an onion and cream soup that was nice. You could really get the taste of onions. I thought maybe they could add some more salt in there. My friend had a nice big chicken shashlik. The weather in Pune is rainy, cold, dreamy, and has you reaching out for a warm cup of coffee ever so often. We drove back with some really nice music playing on the stereo.


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