Friday, October 03, 2014


Saw a play, Educating Rita, at Bal Gandharva. I was quite nice although the British accent that the actors were using was not really required, considering they couldn't manage to keep it up and were lapsing into an Indian accent mid-way.

But the car has a flat so it was rickshaw ride to JM Road, etc. which was super fun! It felt really nice to weave through city traffic late in the evening with the cool air on the face and the hair getting all knotted up with intra-city travel. That part I miss after having a car and always driving with the windows up.

Had taken a couple of friends to the Durga pandal near Congress Bhavan and they loved it! It is quite nice, really and the food stalls looked awesome. One of my friends had steamed fish with mustard paste and they both had the prasaad - khichdi, chutney, kheer jalebis, and papads. We got rangolis and very pretty frames to make the rangolis in.

All in all, a very good day!


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