Wednesday, August 13, 2014

918 - drifter, are you?

You are sitting on a hill-top and look at the sky. It may be blue, it may be grey, or sometimes, even green or pink or a candy-swirl of many different colours. You look at clouds. Moving, floating, inching towards god knows where – seemingly directionless but actually, not. There's a quiet, sure, solid deliberation and a surrender to something deep and invisible. It's heartening. To look at clouds and see how they move – and one wonders at a world where being 'a drifter' is a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

drift·er noun \ˈdrif-tər\
: a person who moves from one place or job to another without a purpose or plan

This is meaning of the word drifter.
You yourself didn't put clouds as 'drifter'. Why? Because they are not.. or because you think drifter as derogatory?

Answer the question.. and you won't have to 'wonder' about the world.

A loose and modifed translation of Ghalib:
'There are many good writers/poets in the world, but Chiffonesque has a style of her own'.

Anonymous said...

This is not fair. You only respond to praises.