Monday, August 18, 2014


A nice cup of coffee means different  things at different times. Tonight it means a quick, dark, no-milk brew in a hotel room as I pack for my return tomorrow. It means trying to get all that warmth in my hands as I hold the cup...or stop and sip intermittently while I pack the shells and silver filigreed earrings that I picked up for a friend. A nice cup of coffee tonighf means smiling at the rich, full times I have had. 

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Anonymous said...

Hang out with single/unattached Boyz/Menz more. You need it. A steamy interlude always lifts the spirits up. No ppoint in holding a cup of coffee in your hands at night in a hotel.. when you can hold better/hotter things.
*wink wink

Trust me, you will have more rich and fuller time.