Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pretty evening

This evening was very, very gorgeous. The sky had thick, soft grey clouds spread across like mousse. On one side, outlines of hills smudged in seamless sketches into the horizon. Behind a shifting continent of grey, a sun was setting. The sky, just where the sun was, was a pale lilac and it spread to the east in very hushed tones of purple. A friend and I were on the top of the office terrace taking all this in. We felt the coolness in the air, the drizzle on our face. Suddenly a tiny black bird with a glossy crest and a bright red breast flew in, chirped a while, and flew away.

It was good and peaceful. Sometimes you turn up at work and get rewarded in the strangest ways.


Anonymous said...

Do you tweet? If yes, then where?

mukta raut said...

hi anon,

i tweet sporadically...@elfrain.