Friday, May 30, 2014

On watching the latest X-Men movie

We, the mutants, have been mutated to save mutants and non-mutants and now, somewhere in the past, the Sentinels will be created who are better-looking mutants and will kill us mutants in the past mutant life and the future mutant world and here, mutant, there, mutant, and everywhere, mutant-mutant. Humanity needs to be saved because they are infernal non-mutants and they shame mutants and us mutants have to unite and save ourselves and also save blue Mystique who looks like a human mocktail that is served when restaurants run out of Pina Colada. I, Wolverine, am best mutant and our Brit man mutant played Gandhi but you would never know it and its just as well because you being non-mutant will not be able to digest this fact.


Okay, so I'm not a fan. But I did enjoy it because I was going for a late night movie after SO long! And I did enjoy the blueberry frozen yogurt with the butterscotch and berry toppings at E-Square. E-Square also surprised me by giving 3-D glasses that were not scratched out or splintered or anything.

But this is all what I understood of the movie. And I do not get the deal with Hugh Jackman. Sorry.   

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i,me and myself.... said...

I'm not a fan either...but Hugh Jackman is CUTE :) What I don't understand is Jackman endorsing Micromax!!