Monday, February 17, 2014

Why this Sunday was so n-I-c-e

1. It began early.  Had made plans with a colleague to go to Koregaon Park today at 10.30. She was on time, which was wonderful! So, we were out the door into the cool, crisp Sunday morning with delay.

2. The traffic was a dream!  The drive was like a motorized spa treatment.  We chatted about the different cities we'd lived in, thd different spaces in those cities, and the gloriousness of just 'being'.

3. A shopping spree at one of my favorite places, BusyBee in Lane 7 for some cute tops, dresses,  and summer jackets. And then in one of hers, Naksha, on the main North Main Road, near Lane 5. Very pretty, colourful cotton skirts and wispy, chic kurtis in pop oranges, pinks, yellows,  and greens. Sale currently on in both places but even at full price, good stuff.

4. Leisurely brunch (my absolutely most favorite meal) at Terrtulia. Friend had a very tempting Eggs Florentine with beer, I had a large Belgian waffle with a strawberry Margarita mocktail followed by coffee.

5. A scrumptious walk all around KP to walk off the meal. Under the shaded trees and through tiny lanes and past massive, beautiful houses witn large, lawns, counting innumerable banyan trees, spotting bougainvillaes with unusually colored restorative it was.

6. A lovely coffee and lemon cheesecake break at Darios. We sat outside in the midst of loads of happy chompers, good music in the background, listening to birdsongs. Sunshine got mellow, conversation got deeper.

7. A visit to the Nature's Basket where I spotted where my next salary will get spent...on little jars of fig preserves, packets of miso soup,  peppered cream cheese, and a large bottle of non-alcoholic pomegranate sparkler.

8. Finished reading 'Recipe for Love' by Betty Fforde. Light read. Romance.  Not spectacular but entertaining enough. Has a cooking competition as a theme. British set up so found the use of certain phrases charming: Sorry, that was a little previous of me; Women are moody when they are pupped...Also, learnt about and longing for dessert treats like croquembouche and pancakes with a custard made with white chocolate.

So good, today was. Just so good.

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