Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentine's Day

The weather is terrific. Mellow sunshine that is bright and yolk-y but also warm on the shoulders and back. Feels so good. But also cold wind that makes you glad you wore that scarf even though it was afternoon. You wish for a lake and a bank and a sunny glen to read.

At work, someone loaned me Maus. It's a graphic novel I have been waiting to read for a long time. Someone else brought in candied fruits from Singapore. Papaya flavors were especially tasty.

Roses that are dyed blue look sad, scary, tacky. Somethings, like a peculiar hair colour, a rose can't pull of. It has much to learn from a carnation - the ditzy, slightly unbearable lightness of being.

The day is pretty. Shines with a sheen of a bubble. Will float away like one too.

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