Monday, October 14, 2013

So, quickly, what all is going on

I have taken to Twitter in a big way. I love the itsy-bitsiness of stories there. Sometimes, an incident occurs and you just want to shave it and let the moments curl off and fall...instead of writing about the whole block of the experience.  At times, it feels like cooking cheese. Easier to do it when you grate it instead of melting the whole hunk of it.

I'm elfrain on Twitter,  in case, anyone wants to say hi.

Also, I'm taking a month off work to go to Chicago. Will be spending some time with my friend.  He will be working during the week so I'll be spending time by myself most days. So, if anyone wants to catch up in Chicago, let me know. I fly tomorrow night.

That's it for now. More later.


Deepashree Prabhakar said...

Have a safe trip and if you visit the bay area, let me know!

Vinita said...

Wish I was there...I'm in Sacramento. I know its touristy but try the bar on top of the John Hancock tower. The views and the Cosmopolitans are great there. And ride the ferris wheel on Navy Pier if you can.