Friday, October 04, 2013

Lunch Box, really?

Scene 1: Make tiffin.
Scene 2: Pack tiffin.
Scene 3: Unpack tiffin.
Scene 4: Eat tiffin.
Scene 5: Make tiffin.
Scene 6: Pack tiffin.
Scene 7: Unpack tiffin.
Scene 8: Eat tiffin.
Scene 9: Oh, Bombay is so crowded.
Scene 10: And I am so lonely.
Scene 11: Besides, look how trapped I feel.
Scene 12 to n: Make, pack, unpack, eat tiffin.

And that gang is SURPRISED that the movie wasn't nominated for the Oscars?


SK said...

Haha, this is blasphemy in current times.

crab said...


Anonymous said...

An apt review

Anonymous said...

Nothing could have described it better. Sarcastic and aimed at right people. Good one :)