Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Juhi and Kalki video

I like that video of Kalki and Juhi. Satire or not, it has come to aggregate every notion about assault in today's times. There's a scene in Mona Lisa Smile where Julia Roberts takes her class through a portfolio of advertisements created during that time. Sweet, proper women making soup, getting made up, keeping house, patting children, and staying silent, etc. In exasperation, she flings down this material and says something to the effect that these ads reflect exactly the kind of choices we made during a certain period. An entire generation will be remembered for exactly the things that these pictures capture.

Many years down the line, maybe our resistance to assault will get meshed with some collective shriek of years gone by. Maybe the insidious horror of rape, real and imminent, will not register because there may be so much of it or maybe we will be deadened. And maybe for those times, I think this video will be useful. To give, tongue in cheek, our message to the other gender: "We thought better of you. Our mistake. Sorry about that."

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