Sunday, April 07, 2013

Much happens when you step out of the house

I'd spotted a new deli, The Habitats, outside my house and called up a friend, Gigi, to see if she wanted to try it out. It was late evening and a thin strip of fairy lights twinkled around the deli. There are a few tables laid outside but we wanted the cool air conditioning. The menu looks inventive enough even if the dishes are not actually so. The vegetarian section lists several options but they are mainly assortments of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and mayo. I tried the Mediterranean sandwich with a teeny falafel and some hummus. It was okay, even though they served it to me on white bread when I'd asked for wholewheat. Suddenly, the lights went out and so did my hope of having a good cup of cappuccino. (Machines were out.) They were sweet enough to make me a frappe instead. It was good. Cool, not too sweet, with the right amount of foam. (I don't like it when the foam starts looking and feeling spongy.)

 Gigi had to leave soon after because she was doing some fun stuff sorting music and books on her laptop. I had to go back to...well, nothing much. After I reached home, though, I called her up and asked her if I could come over. Since I wasn't sure if my charming company would be enough, I promised to bring two mangoes as well. I was invited.

At her place, Gigi played me snatches of some new world music or some flute renditions of a classic off and on. I'd sip my black coffee (there's a situation in Pune and milk isn't available freely) and look out the windows of her really cute little ante-room. Here, Gigi  has a large Pune map above a single-bed, making it reminiscent of sweet childhood. After we chit-chatted a bit (we have made plans for going to the Sunderbans later this year), she suggested I stay the night and we watch a movie. This was such a treat! We watched 'Steel Magnolias' and I have to say...Julia Roberts is a hundred kinds of wonderful! She is beautiful and talented and that smile is like sunshine over a lake.

Returned home early this morning. All in all, a good Saturday.

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