Thursday, April 04, 2013

Don't they see it?

Behind every freelancer, is some staid soul with a job who listens to tales of how the freelancing world is different and dangerous, how great despair must be endured for supreme creativity, how they fight the lonely battle of clinging to principles and personality when you sorry EMI-ridden creature have sold your soul to be a corporate cog in the wheel that itself is stuck in the rut. Having a job somehow ensures that you will never bring a worthy enough problem to the conversation. But having a job makes you a necessary evil to reach out to for contacts or funding or cleaning up some mess that the freewheeling world of working on your own gets you into. Behind every freelancer is some person in the house willing to make do with less attention, more mood-swings, extensive participation in 'I-me-myself-my woes-my creative dogma-i am alone but will make it - you will never understand because your life is so much easier' soliloquy. Behind every freelancer is possibly someone who has accepted, if not understood, that you can't plan a regular holiday or a regular day in the park or Sunday grocery shopping because you never know when work comes through. Someone who has accepted, if not understood, that they will always have to take the fall or will never be asked, "Did your day go well?" Someone who has accepted, if not understood, that they will always come second to a head-rush that a new assignment will give.

In recent times I have met freelancers. In recent times, I have been one. How can anyone who freelances truly believe that they do it on their own?

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