Sunday, March 24, 2013

Things of note today

The 'rents came to visit. Although father has returned to Bombay, Mom is here. We had a fun outing today at Phoenix Mills.

1. We headed into the Irish pub at Phoenix for a snack. Now, I have been out of the pubbing scene for a while now. In fact, the last time I'd gone to High Spirits at Koregaon Park, I was so uncomfortable with the noise and the drinking and the hollering and the bonhomie! I don't understand why the music must blare that way! Anyway, on entering this pub I spotted high bar stools, yellow tinted bottles and pretty stacked bars, etc. And I'd slowly started having those swervy palpitations that I get in loud clubs. We got a table in the dining area (I was relieved although my mother looked like she'd have liked a swivel on one of those stools.) Then her phone rang and I wondered how uncomfortable she'd be taking the call in that setting. She, though, chatted comfortably and made jokes, gave advice, and bid someone a hearty welcome into the city, etc. Then she hung up and asked me what was good in the menu. Oh well, you live and learn something about the mother every day.

2. What was good on the menu, though, was jacket potatoes stuffed with melted cheese and slivers of olives. Everything else I ordered was pretty sorry. Mum liked her chicken sandwich and I must say their fries were tasty. They had a chilli-powder and a mildly sweet crust that was tasty.

3. I bought a pair of demin shorts from Zara to herald the summer. The shorts are shorter than what I usually wear and has a cut that is a little difficult to gauge without trying them on. But I didn't try them on because the queue to the trial room was just way too long! I got it home and wow! they fit! (Note to self: Continue with the yoga!)

4. We spent a good afternoon in the bright, arcade luminosity of the mall. When we stepped out, though, the sky was lavendar and a lovely moon was out. It had the shape of a bean-bag that someone had sunk into. A perfect Sunday type moon.

5. To top this off, I finally got myself a lovely, hazelnut cappuccino from Peter Donut. I'm relishing that as I type this.

Good day today.

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