Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy-making rice

Today was a sweet, lazy Saturday. I ate well, slept really nicely throughout the day, had a massage, and listened to a few ghost stories. Also, from somewhere a great urge to do yoga arose so I did. All this made me hungry for something warm and comforting. Like rice.

Last month, my father had bought this large sack of really fragrant rice. It has a sweet smell even when it is uncooked and lies in a jar stacked with pods of dried, red chillies (to ward off insects). It doesnt have that dusty, grainy smell that other variations of rice have, including grains of Basmati.

Tonight, I cooked this rice along with some fresh mint leaves and a little bit of salt. I like my rice soft and squidgy so I boiled it for a long time. Then I heaped the cooked rice on a plate, added a large stick of butter and took a moment to stare at the liquid potery of buttery goodness coating grains of that lovely rice. Finally, for some flavour, I added a pinch of oregano and Italian seasoning from Pizza Hut satchets.

Had the rice with a spicy pumpkin curry.

The rice was just so good! I think I closed my eyes involuntarilty in bliss after I ate the first spoon.


subbulakshmistoned said...

I adore your writing!
As I was reading this, I had a sudden craving for this rice I had never even seen or heard of.

Mukta said...

Thanks, Subbu!

I wonder what that rice is called, though.