Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Days turn good

Somedays it feels nice...like drops of rain on parched earth...when you call up friends from long ago and you say hello and words tumble out.

They are far more infrequent now than before - these calls. They are busy and I am hesitant. But lately, in the pit of my stomach there has been this nagging pain. My heart seems to have been closed up. Sometimes I laugh over my dinner over some memory from years ago. And laugh almost soundlessly.

Today, I called up four friends. One who I had met at the premier of 'You've got mail' and who'd downloaded 'Dreams' by Cranberries for me. (It is my most favorite soundtrack ever.) One who I've visited Thailand with and whose balcony holds my most cherished memories of house parties. One who I've watched the crappiest films with but at whose home I am always sure to get a delicious meal, great chai and a sort of banter that makes me forget there's a lot going on. One with who I've spent the most precious rainy afternoons on Marine Drive with followed by butter apple tea at Tea Centre.

I said hello and suddenly I was in the middle of the week in the middle of a life that had sunlight and pain, maybe, but no shadows or ache.

Dear Universe, thank you for these calls today. They were precious.


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