Saturday, November 24, 2012

Quickly, I write

I'm back from a two-week trip to Denver. In my time there, I worked much, walked much, ate much, and loved much. Every time I shut my eyes for a little bit longer, I see them - the trees, the skies, the pinecones and the soft flurry of snow that danced through the streets at downtown.

There was an exhibit of Da Vinci's machines that captivated my imagination. I saw a huge parade of elks during a new moon night. I saw the Rockies trimming a fabulous horizon.

One morning was perhaps the most magical. I woke up. That sunrise,  my soul drifted off my body and led my life that day. It led me to the town of Boulder. Such a butterfly of a place that is. Small, quaint, energetic, and bursts of flowers and fruits everywhere. A colleague took us to his place, which is a lovely home in the mountains. There's a dirt road that leads up to his driveway. There's a birdfeed outside his cabin that feeds fuzzy little sparrows. There's a firplace and little vase that has strands of bird feathers. And there are sunsets and trees one spots through the skylight that seep every splinter of jadedness out of you.

I had a beautiful time. My heart just felt so full right now, I had to get it down.

Peace, peace, peace!


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