Saturday, July 07, 2012


The weather in Pune now is soul-stirringly beautiful. Trees are green and pretty ferns are climbing every sort of rocky surface -  interestingly, something so hard surrenders to something so fragile. The rain itself is another muse by itself - lovely, fresh, lilting. It falls like a mellow euphoric haze. Heck, even the water from taps flows almost bard-like.

It's a gorgeous, peaceful grey all around.

A little girl comes out skipping in the balcony below me. She sees a bird in a nearby tree - a majestic creature with deep purple and red plumes  - shake off water from its feathers. The child starts singing something and hopping from one leg to another. The bird doesn't notice, though.

Suddenly, from inside, a voice calls out (I think it's her mother): "Do you want to see a rainbow? If the sun comes out, we'll see one."

A long purple feather with red tips has floated on to the beige tiles of the balcony. The girl stops skipping and picks it up. It's plush and luxurious and 'grown-up' in her small hands.

She turns to her mother, all the while fingering the feather gently. "I don't need the sun and I don't want the rainbow."

The things beauty makes us forsake.

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crab said...

so true! :)